About me

After over a decade in the fens I have found myself in West Yorkshire and Yorkshire has stolen my heart. I absolutely love everything about living here from the wonderful local produce to the breathtaking scenery.

I live in a semi rural hamlet close to Hebden Bridge. If I am not in the kitchen then you’ll find me out walking or at one of the local art/food/literary events.

I am a really keen home cook, my favourite way to spend an evening is to have a group of friends around for a meal. The more the merrier. I like many different cuisines, but do find myself drawn to the spicier stuff! Hot sauce and chillies are staples in my store cupboard.

I am a bit of a cookbook collector, I read cookbooks like other people read novels. I’m always happy to accept books for review.

This blog is primarily about food, but I also like to blog about interiors and fitness. I am currently renovating our house and am hoping to set up a supper club and run a b&b.

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