Downsizing – what do you do with all your stuff

When you are moving to a much smaller home one of the first things you need to do is to start to get rid of ‘stuff’. Between us we have an awful lot of cd’s, dvd’s and books. These take up lots of space and we rarely listened or watched or read any more. So they had to go.

Charity shops in our area were not taking donations as they were full. I am guessing lockdowns and having time at home made a lot of people have a good clear out. So what were we to do with it all, it seemed a shame to take perfectly useable things to the tip.

This is when we came across Music Magpie and we buy books. We buy books offered the best prices, but they were slower to pay. They do collect from your house, but we got fed up waiting for the courier to get in touch so ended up taking them to a collection point ourselves.

Music Magpie paid much quicker, but you have to take the goods to a post office which is a bit of a slow process as they have to weigh and label each box individually.

Overall we were pleased with the service of both, they paid what they said they would and it was post office experience and the dreadful courier (Hermes I am looking at you) aside not too much effort to have some of our ‘junk’ taken away. Plus we made a few quid. I’d thoroughly recommend using them if you do not want to faff with eBaying it all separately.

There were things they did not want, so these will be getting popped on a table outside the house with a sign saying FREE!


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