Yard and Coop Manchester review

Yard and Coop is a fried chicken restaurant in Manchester.  I had been craving proper fried chicken for ages, so we decided to go for my birthday lunch.

Yard and Coop

The restaurant itself is light, but not brightly lit. It feels cosy and homely with a mixture of large and small tables and some booths, we took a window seat, so could people and weather watch as we made our final decisions on food.

The food

We decided to give the ‘Massive Cock’ a miss as it sounded, well.. so huge. It would have defeated us. Instead a ‘Lone Star’  was ordered. This is a buttermilk fried breast and thigh in a brioche bun with mac and cheese, crispy onions, maple crispy bacon, BBQ pulled chicken, American cheese, lime salsa and sweet potato fries. Topped with a Dr Pepper BBQ wing. This came with plain fries.

lone star

I wish I had read that everything was in the bun. Personal preference is wet things should be on the side. I like all the elements, but with so much in it, it did result in a bit of a soggy mess once you were past the chicken layer.

The chicken itself was all delicious, perfectly moist with a gorgeous crispy crust. The mac and cheese was ok, but stone cold. Where were the American cheese and crispy onions?  With so many elements crammed into the bun, it maybe got lost. The pulled chicken was moist and sweet and the lime salsa for the tiny bit in there it was good, I would have liked more and on the side.

Shame that the sweet potato fries in the bun were soggy. Had they been fresh from the fryer they would have been good. The chips were just that, bog standard frozen chips. The only other issue was the dish it was served in was on the small side. Making it hard to cut anything to more manageable sized bites.

korean chicken

The other dish was a chicken thigh with a side of Korean BBQ sauce and fries. Once again great chicken, the sauce was odd. Not sure what made it Korean as it tasted just like Thai sweet chilli sauce. The sauce tasted quite ordinary, nothing exciting.


gin cocktail

For drinks we had a cocktail each.  I had a Jinni Hendrix,  gin, tequila, lime, cucumber and eldefrower tonic. Refreshing, almost savoury and very delicious.







malibu cocktailHe had a ‘Getting caught in the rain’ Malibu, rum, condensed milk, ice cream, pineapple and prosecco. Sweet, creamy and fruity and he loved it.







Over all we had a good lunch. With a few  tweaks I am sure we could make the dishes better for us. We certainly did not hear any complaints while we were there and it was pretty busy for a rainy Wednesday in February.


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