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Meal plans w/e 17th January 2020

Another week another meal plan. A mix of old favourites and some new dishes.  We managed to mostly stick to last weeks plan, dropped one day as I was so tired and neither of us were very hungry.  Am pleased that so far this week I have not had to bin any unopened food.

MEAL PLANS W/E 17/01/20


Saturday Bean burgers in a bun with salad, pickles, spicy mayo and a cheese slice. Dirty fries and onion rings as sides.

Sunday Big Sunday roast, will see what veggies look good at market. There will definitely be Roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings tho.

Yorkshire Pudding

Monday  Potato and mushroom al forno. A new one for us from Jamie Oliver’s Veg book. Green salad as a side.

Tuesday  Jackfruit Biryani. Another new dish, this one from the Dishoom cookbook. Will probably have some naan bread with this.

Wednesday  Veggie burritos. I will replace feta with griddled halloumi.

Thursday  Harissa fish with saffron potatoes with green beans and roasted tomatoes

Friday  Home made tagliatelle with aubergine balls and a tomato sauce. Garlic bread and a green salad.

Just need to remember where I stashed the pasta machine/roller thing. If I can not find it then hand rolled it will be, not as pretty, but tasty.

My yoga practice is going well. 9 days in and keeping it up. I was very glad yesterday was a meditation day as my abs were killing me after 2 days of floor work. The learning Welsh is also progressing. Things are starting to stick and I am recognising words and able to spell some basic things.

Work has started out the back of me, so it is slightly noisy, nothing to horrendous yet. It will be worth it in the end, that extra peace of mind that the river is not about to come tumbling into our houses.

This weekend I am hoping to get some breeze blocks, or at least measure up some different sizes. I can then start on my grand plans to have some lovely raised borders. The weather forecast is not great so I do not think we will be going far, maybe a pack walk on Sunday as Jess needs the practice at walking nicely around other dogs.





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