meal planning

Meal plans 4th – 10th January 2020

Meal plans

Meal plans for the week. Trying to plan for 3 meals plus snacks a day. my attempt to keep my eating on track.


Breakfast: Boiled eggs and soldiers

Lunch: Soup and bread

Tea:  Pizza – One with potatoes and olives, the other with mushrooms, peppers, corn and red onions.

Snacks: fruit and nuts

vegetarian pizza


Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes with homemade yoghurt

Lunch: Cheese and beans jacket potato – salad

Tea:  Meatless ball pasta bake, green salad, garlic bread.

Snacks: hummus and crudities, dark chocolate



Breakfast: Porridge with sliced banana and granola

Lunch: Ploughman’s lunch (cheese, bread, salad, pickles, apple)

Tea: Mushroom stroganoff with vegetable rice

Snacks: popcorn or oatcakes with nut butter, brazil nuts.



Breakfast: Veggie full English

Lunch: Cous cous, pita, feta, salad.

Tea: Bean burgers with sweet potato fries

Snacks: Hummus and crudities, dried fruit and nuts.



Breakfast: Porridge with fruit and granola

Lunch: Egg and cress sandwich, flapjack

Tea: Mattar paneer and aloo sag with cumin rice.

Snacks: Fruit, almonds



Breakfast: Grilled tomatoes on toast

Lunch: Leftovers or salad sandwich

Tea:  Spaghetti carbonara or cod with preserved lemons and saffron potatoes (depends if fish man is back from his Christmas break)

Snacks: flapjack



Breakfast: Egg in a hole, tomatoes, avocado

Lunch: Baked potato with cottage cheese and a salad

Tea: Halloumi burritos.  Black beans, spicy rice, salsa, salad, sour cream, guac and griddled halloumi.

Snacks: Hummus and crudities, dark chocolate

Hopefully we will stick to these plans, having it down in writing makes it harder to cop out and go to the chippy or grab a ready meal. I think I mostly have all our food groups covered. Most of the rice and pasta we eat is wholewheat as is bread.

I seem to be picking up the Welsh language ok so far, a few things I need to listen carefully for, like sometimes 2 words seem to roll into one. The yoga, not so good, but I am totally unfit, so when the hold is too long I stop and stretch. Better to do this than injure myself.


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