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Another week another meal plan

Last weeks meal plans went rather awry. We had a huge delivery of wood, which took me 2 days to move. This extra physical labour on top of my usual chores left me drained. So we had a few ready meal teas. This weeks plan is all about using up things we have in the freezer.

Meal plans

Saturday –  Mexican rice, griddled halloumi, char-grilled peppers, courgettes and red onions, salad and corn wraps

Sunday –  Jackfruit biryani   – From the Dishoom cookbook. I’ll make some garlic naan bread to go with this.

Monday –  Pasta bake

Tuesday –  Mexican bean soup with ciabatta

Wednesday –  Fritatta with a mixed salad

Thursday –  Saffron potatoes with pan fried cod and steamed green beans

Friday –  Risotto  – using whatever veggies are left in the fridge and some from the freezer.

Yoga is getting easier, I can hold positions for longer and feel my balance is improving. Welsh is going well, I doubt I will be able to hold a conversation for a while yet, but I could order a beer or ask for a cup of tea. Next goals are to reduce our plastics further and to shop locally as much as possible.  I also want to start making bread again as it does taste so much better than shop bought.


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