Thai Green Veggie Curry

Thai green curry is such a delicious veggie dish.  You can use just veggies or add tofu too. We recently discovered that halloumi works really well. This is not a recipe per se. More a this is how we do it and tips for getting the most out of your ingredients.

First up is the paste. Yes, you could make your own. I do not. Since discovering Mai Siam Thai green curry paste I just stopped trying as it really is good. It is only available from Wing Yip,  but really is worth getting if you are near one of their superstores.

The other bonus is there is no fish sauce in it. So it is totally vegan/veggie.


Thai green curry with halloumi


Thai Green Veggie Curry

2 shallots (or 1/2 an onion cooked until starting to brown)

1/2 a block of halloumi (griddled)

A red pepper, sliced and griddled (or fried)

2 big handfuls of frozen peas (defrosted)

100g green beans (topped and tailed and cut into bit sized pieces)

The kernels from 2 ears of corn

A few handfuls of spinach

A handful of toasted cashew nuts

2 tsp of green curry paste

1 400ml can of coconut milk

Thai basil (to taste)

A squeeze or  2 of lime juice


Get all your ingredients ready.

Put the paste in a hot pan. Let it sizzle, add in a tin of coconut milk. Stir  well and let the mixture come together. Add in all the ingredients according to how long they will take to cook/reheat. That is it. Dinner is served.


I always use full fat coconut milk. The half fat might save calories, but it really lacks flavour. You can chop and change what veggies you use. Pea aubergines, pak choi, red peppers all work well. Tofu or paneer can be used instead of halloumi.


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