The White Rabbit – Todmorden – Review

This year we celebrated 16 years together. We decided to treat ourselves to a meal out. I am so glad we picked The White Rabbit in Todmorden.  It was a stunning meal, in a wonderful cosy restaurant. I would go as far as to say it is the best meal we have had since moving to Yorkshire three years ago. I really do wish we had discovered this gem sooner.

The White Rabbit – Review

Blue wall White Rabbit

On arrival we were greeted and seated in a lovely bright spot in the window. The colours in the room are bright. There are quotes and line paintings around the room. These really add to the quirky vibe. Even though we had ordered ahead (there is a choice of either 5 or 8 courses Vegetarian or non vegetarian). We were given menus, very handy for reminding yourself of what is coming next. Water was brought without us having to ask and after we’d picked some wine it was speedily brought to us. Service throughout the meal was faultless and we never felt rushed.

We chose to take take one non veggie and one veggie 8 course tasting menu. We are greedy piggies and we wanted to try everything.  The first 3 courses were the same for both.

asparagus soup

Asparagus Soup, Fresh Tomato Bread and Whipped Butter. A fantastic start, really good flavoured soup, perfect seasoning and a lovely soft bread, which reminded me of milk loaf.

Devil's Waldorf

Devils Waldorf – Apple, Devils Rock Blue Cheese, Fruit & Walnut Loaf,
Celeriac and Fennel Remoulade. This was absolutely delicious, bursting with flavour. The blue cheese used is a local one made by The Pextenement Cheese Company.  Mr CK declared this the best Waldorf salad he had ever had. I did not disagree.

Quote on the wall


courgette polenta fries

Polenta Fried Courgette and Saffron Aoli, these were amazing. I would have been happy if an enormous bowl of these was given to me. They were so good I am having a go at recreating them as part of our tea tonight. Crunchy salty courgette, with a good hit of salt and then a lovely tang from the saffron aoli.

The next 3 courses were different for each of us.

Egg roll with mushrooms


Pressed Cep Egg Roll with Wild Mushroom and Tarragon. My picture does not do it justice. It had a really good strong mushroom hit and the crepe was light as a feather.


Hake fillet with Wild Mushroom, Chicken Glaze and Tarragon. I did not try this as I am still a bit nervous of trying new fish. It was cooked perfectly and came with the same mushroom sauce as my egg roll.

seared tofu

Seared Tofu, Burn Coconut, Caramelised Pineapple and Honey Soy Cashews. This was absolutely delicious. The flavours worked so well together. I loved the lemony zing that came from the occasional sprouted coriander seed.

duck breast

Duck Breast, Burn Coconut, Caramelised Pineapple and Honey Soy Cashews. Another winning dish. Duck is not a favourite of either of us. But it was cooked well and the flavours worked as well with duck as they did with the tofu.  If I was forced to choose. The tofu would win for me.

seared cauliflower

Cauliflower Steak, Slow Roast Carrot, Pomme Purée and Madeira Sauce. This was my favourite course. The cauliflower tasted wonderful, better than any I have ever cooked myself and the carrot.. sounds weird to go on about a carrot, but they were delicious. Soft and packed with flavour. The mash was beautiful, smooth and silky. The sauce went so well and turned this from good to fabulous.

steak potato carrot

Seared Flat Iron Steak, Slow Roast Carrot, Pomme Purée and Madeira Sauce. I had a small bite of the steak and it was really flavoursome. Not a cut I have had before, but I would order it if I was straying from my mostly vegetarian diet.

On to puddings and we were back to having the same dishes.

peach melba

Peach Melba Meringue – this was so pretty. A peach mousse, covered in Italian meringue. Freeze dried raspberry bits and a raspberry gel. This was perfect, the peach mouse inside was beautiful.

chocolate cake

Kahlua Coffee Cake & Biscoff

Finally! at this point I had to admit defeat. I had a few mouthfuls and the rest was gobbled up by Mr CK.  The cake was light and had a great coffee flavour, the syrup sweet and a hit of kahlua. The biscoff gave an interesting contrast.

We loved the fact that the meat/fish and the veggie courses were so similar. So often the vegetarian food feels like an afterthought. Here we both felt as if care had gone into making sure everyone was catered for.

This is a wonderful restaurant with warm friendly service and an excellent chef in the kitchen. It is not if we will go back, it is when. Highly recommended by both of us.



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