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Next weeks meal plan

Next week I am trying several new dishes. I am really looking forward to them and hoping they taste as delicious as the pictures made them look.  Whilst we were shopping I spotted a new (to me) magazine. Plant based a quick flick through and I wanted to make at least half of the recipes. I am very impressed visually. The proof of the pudding as they say. So we shall see.



Visitor to my terrace as I watched the world go by.

Meal Plans

Saturday – Smoky BBQ jackfruit ‘ribs’  with corn on the cob, potato salad and a mixed leaf salad.

Sunday – Bengali coconut dal with Maharajah’s rice, chapatis and raita.

Monday – Pizza – with whatever we have in the fridge, likely to be mozzarella, potatoes, olives, peppers, mushrooms, fennel in 2 different combinations.

Tuesday – Roasted red pepper pasta salad, griddled halloumi, flat bread, salad and tzatziki

Wednesday – Spinach bites (something we grabbed from the frozen aisle a while ago) pea and corn fritters, corn wraps, garden salad, sour cream and guacamole.

Thursday – Potato bake (my take on the dome) with a leafy green salad and crusty bread.

FridayCurry night at our favourite local cafe – The Blue Teapot.

I am really looking forward to the ribs, if it works it will be great to take to bbq’s.  The curry night out is also something to look forward to (yay no dishes). I am hoping to pick some elderflowers at the weekend and make a batch of elderflower lemonade.

In non food news

My garden is coming along. It is a slow slow process. We are getting there though. I am now the proud owner of a water butt. I was so excited when it got its first rainwater. Not many people pray for rain, but I did. I will be moving the greenhouse today and then I can make a proper veg patch. I do love having things like tomatoes, courgettes and spinach fresh from the garden. The taste is so much better.

In other news, we have Jess pencilled in for another round of Lifecraft. It has helped and being able to socialise her in a controlled environment with trainers who know what they are doing makes me less anxious. Jess is improving. She lunged for a cat yesterday, but only had one small humph when I pulled her away. She was also calm and happily walking nicely on lead after just a few steps away from the cat.

The house continues to get fixed up at a snails pace. For every thing we do another job appears. Please remind me next time I move that we want a perfect, new eco house.


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