Meal plans and an update

Meal plans have been made, we have been pretty good at sticking to our plans and as a result are wasting very little food. The keeping on top of updating this is not going so well.  I am also way over due replies to penpals, but have been a bit meh.. and not really feeling like connecting to the world.

Meal Plans

Saturday  –  Spinach and broad bean cigars with a garlic mayo dip, new potato salad and a mixed green salad.

Sunday – Glamorgan sausages, mashed potatoes and onion gravy. Loads of greens.

Monday – Roast tomato and asparagus tart with minted new potatoes and a green salad.

Tuesday – Stir fried courgettes, peas and potatoes (both from the excellent Curry, easy vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey) plus tandoori paneer kebabs and a garlic naan.

Wednesday – Popcorn falafel with hummus, pita bread and French fries.

Thursday – Garlic tofu, egg fried rice, stir fried veggies.

Friday –  Vignole with orzo and lemon, garlic ciabatta and green salad.

In other news…


Jess is very slowly coming along, she is still reactive, still a chuff pants, but very slowly she is becoming a calmer dog.

here she is watching over the kitchen. She is a super girl inside the house, we just need to get her less anxious outside.

As I said, penpal letters have been neglected, so has yoga and most other things. Determined to break out of this funk and get back on top of stuff. Onwards and upwards as they say.

Being plastic free

This is going pretty well. I am making all our yoghurts, we have switched to bar soap and shampoo and we have just invested in a soda stream. Little by little we are getting there. Next on list is find a deodorant not in plastic. Shopping wise we have not done as much local shopping as I would like. The convenience of the supermarket is still a big pull. So easy to get it all done in one place in under an hour v walking to town, going round the market and all the shops and still not managing to get everything. We will keep on trying though. Would hate to think of our lovely independent shops disappearing.

The house renovations are oh so slowly moving along. We have bought a post box so we can close off the front door. The dresser now has handles and just needs a final coat of paint and then we can at last get all the blue and white crockery out and on display.

My veggie growing is going well, I now have a little greenhouse and my peppers and tomatoes and chillies are growing well, lettuces, aubergines, radicchio and beans have all sprouted. My main job this weekend will be transferring the larger plants to growbags.

That is about it from my little corner of the world. Do say hello if you stumble upon me and leave a link to your own blogs I always like to read about other peoples lives.




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