52 challenges over 52 weeks

On top of our joint goals and challenges for the year, I decided to set myself some personal goals and challenges. Some for fun, some to broaden my knowledge, others to challenge my own comfort zones. I’ve picked one thing for each week of the year, but obviously some will take a lot longer and some a lot less.

The 52 Challenges

  1. Finish knitting the socks I started last year. Actually knit more and make pretty things for family and friends.
  2. Teach myself to crochet. I’ll be looking at you @anna for hints and tips
  3. Doodle/colour/draw. I used to love art as a child, but stopped when I left school. I want to find an outlet for my creativity.
  4. Make a bird table. I love seeing our feathered friends in the garden.
  5. Try some new crafts. I have left this open as I am not sure what. I need to do some research.
  6. Bake bread at least once a month. I want to try new techniques and styles.
  7.  Cook a new dish every week.
  8. Bake cookies/cake for Tim’s office.
  9. Get Jess confident on and off lead
  10. Take Jess to an agility class.
  11. Paint the basement – this is one room I am confident to do myself.
  12. Finish painting the dresser and get the new door knobs on it.
  13. Get the garden looking good and Jess proof  it – we need to make the river boundary and the back boundary higher.
  14. Organise the house and keep it that way. I am so fed up of the boxes of stuff with no home.
  15. Set a cleaning rota.
  16. Declutter, we need to be a bit more ruthless if we are ever going to downsize.
  17. Clean the windows and keep them clean.
  18. Make a list of all the things that need doing that we need to hire someone for.
  19. Climb a tree
  20. Go for a barefoot walk.
  21. Go for a picnic
  22. Go to the beach (maybe Blackpool once the train lines are finished)
  23. Walk 10 miles in one day
  24. Learn a simple hip hop dance routine.
  25. Eat out some where new once a month.
  26. Improve my yoga to the point I feel I can do a class.
  27. Plan a holiday.
  28. Watch a sunrise over the moors.
  29. Join a local social group.
  30. Go Kayaking.
  31. Get to know my local towns and villages better, the shops, the layouts, the parks etc.
  32. Learn another language.
  33. Learn to touch type.
  34. Try meditation.
  35. Read 12 books (not cookbooks).
  36. Start photo 365.
  37. Dye my hair a funky colour.
  38. Get my eyebrows in shape. I neglect them so much.
  39. Paint my nails.
  40. Do some random acts of kindness.
  41. Start a paper dream journal.
  42. Write a hand written letter.
  43. Listen to more radio/music.
  44. Watch less tv.
  45. Eat proper meals, less or no snacking.
  46. Make a blog post plan.
  47. Tidy up my online life. I have so many email accounts and unused profiles all over the web.
  48. Tackle tech! I am next to useless on things like instagram on my phone.
  49. Update my blog more. Aiming for once a week to start.
  50. Make more use of pinterest.
  51. Join in more blog challenges.
  52. I am leaving this blank as I know some things on the list will be quick.

I really hope I can achieve all this, as the more I achieve and the more things I do the more content I feel.


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