2018 goals

I  just know 2018 will be a good year, especially with the goals we have set. We had an up and down 2017, we lost our dear old Millie, Mr CK got made redundant and I got a job and then quit it. On the plus side, we adopted a new dog (Jess) Mr got a new job and it is only a few miles away – he used to have a 1.5+ hr commute including walking to and from the station.  I am also a lot happier staying home and keeping house. I’ll find something to earn myself a little money at some point, but as yet I do not know what and I really am ok with that.

2018 Goals

We are going to keep to being flexetarian, it suits us, we enjoy the food and we both feel better for eating very little meat and fish, think maybe once a month as opposed to 6 days a week before.

We want to eliminate plastics. I realise this is a huge challenge. If you think of all the things you buy or use that come in plastic is is nearly all everyday things. Toothpaste, shampoo, yogurt, fruit, veggies – plus more. We are lucky we have 3 local markets, plus 2 very good local delis. I will be exploring these more over the coming weeks. It will be hard to resist the lure of popping into the supermarket as it is so convenient.

I have started a 30 day yoga challenge, I am finding it very relaxing. The breathing and gentle stretching suits me and as my confidence grows and I perfect positions I can ramp it up a notch and move on to faster movement and bigger stretches.

Walk more and try new routes. Jess loves to run, she loves being outside. You can see the joy in her face as she tries to ‘herd’ us. So finding new sheep and cattle free places is a must. Plus we both love the countryside and taking photographs. So a hobby we can do together.

We are trying veganuary, I have ordered some vegan cookbooks. We would like to extend our plant based diet further and try more dairy free options. I have also ordered vital wheat gluten. I have seen some amazing dishes using seitan and want to give them a go.

I want to challenge myself more.  Last year I got a bit despondent, lazy and I do not want to say depressed as it was not that. Just a general can not be bothered to do any more than I absolutely had to. I think a combination of grief, lack of things to do and being worried about the future.

This year is going to be different. I am going to find a thing for each week of the year. Not necessarily to be done in numerical order as some things will take longer than one week. I wonder how many I will have ticked off by the end of the year. What do I mean I wonder.. I will have them done.

One of the main things I failed on last year was joining in more with the blogging community. It can seem a bit scary and a bit me me me, bargy bargy. Person with the biggest loudest voice gets listened to the most. Those with the little voices go unanswered and ignored. Well no more will I sit quietly at the back. I’ll take my seat, wait my turn, but I will have a voice and it will be heard.



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