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Easy meal plans – a week of veggie meals for 2

The summer seems to be fast slipping away. There is a definite nip in the air on our morning walks. So with thoughts of cooler evenings I have put a few more hearty meals into this weeks plans.

Evening sun on the bridge


Meal Plans w/e 18/08/17

Saturday – We had a fabulous cottage pie, the filling was lentils and mushrooms. I like it more than I like minced beef.

Sunday – Pizza night.. One with grilled veggies the other our home made fake bacon and pineapple.

Monday – Quorn chicken fajitas, grilled peppers, corn and courgette salad, guac, sour cream and a mixed salad.

Tuesday – Jackfruit stew with dumplings and mashed potatoes.

Wednesday – Halloumi in a bun with pineapple salsa with fries and salad

Thursday – Either a bean chilli or a pasta bake. Something we can throw together with store cupboard ingredients

Friday – ┬áSouthern fried quorn chicken with sweet potato fries and home made bbq beans


After the roaring success of the jackfruit pulled pork. I thought I would try it as a stew. After all a slow cooked roast like brisket has a similar texture. I’ll be blogging the recipes once I have made them a few more times and am confident with the quantities and cook times.


The pulled jackfruit in a bun. Better than pork. I prefer it as it was moist and non greasy.

On the home front we have had our first crop from the garden. A few teeny courgettes. They were absolutely delicious, a much more pronounced flavour than shop bought. The butternut squash are creeping their way across the yard. I am still hopeful for some fruit from them. The chillies and peppers are looking very sad. The slugs have had a good feast on them. Tomatoes are still teeny, but they have a bit of time left to grow before we get chilly nights.

Plans for the week are to reorder my larder cupboard. Every time I pull it open I am in danger of something tumbling out and hitting me. I am also going to get some more tiles laid and repot all my indoor plants. The spider plants both have babies. I need to find out what to do with them. The fern that just appeared in an empty pot is now huge. For something free it is very pretty.


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