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Summer vegetarian meal plans

Although it does not quite feel like Summer, we have had a few nice days, so I tried to keep this weeks meal plans mostly light and fresh in hope that we get some more warm days.

As you know we are trying to be more environmentally friendly.  My next big change is to buy less things in packaging that can not be recycled. We are lucky that our local council takes glass, plastic, paper, tetrapak, tins, clothes and food waste. Even with all that going into the recycling buckets we still manage to fill at least one big black sack a fortnight, sometimes 2. I want to get this down as much as possible. Every little helps when it comes to the environment. If we all made a few changes the planet would be a better place to live.

Summer Vegetarian Meal Plans

Sat 8th –  Home made pizza, topped with summer veggies and mozzarella.

veggie pizza

Sun 9th – Baked portobello mushroom, stuffed with garlic, ricotta and herbs topped with breadcrumbs, with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, red wine gravy and loads of veg.

Mon 10th – Veggie sausages in onion gravy, with mashed potatoes and veg.

Tues 11th –  Mushroom ‘meatballs’ with spaghetti and tomato sauce – I’ll be making my own sauce and baking the balls in the sauce with mozzarella dotted on top.

Weds 12th – Mixed bean chilli in a baked potato with a green salad

Thurs 13th – Spelt risotto with peas, spinach, broad beans and squash.

Fri 14th – Sticky mango paneer kebab served in a naan with raita and a side of aloo sag.

Other news

The cutting down screen time is not going well. I think I need to reignite my interest in reading. As a child/teen I spent most of my spare time with my nose in a book. I just need to find some authors whose work interests me. Will see what I can pick up in the charity shop at the weekend.

We are now back to a full contingent of neighbours here in our little terrace. They seem nice enough, one lot has cats and the others a wee dog.  Nice to have someone else with a dog near by. The great news is they want to gate the back terrace.  Something I have hoped would get done for ages as some cheeky buggers just walk down the steps and onto our terrace to have a better look at the river. I even had to tell half a dozen lads to go elsewhere a week or so ago as they were on the neighbours little back lawn laying towels down! Some people really are so rude, I’d never dream of walking into someone elses garden. *rant over*

Plans for this week are more job hunting, make the most of the Summer sunshine and take a nice long walk, hopefully a few odd jobs that have been getting put off for ages and to get my chillies and peppers outside.



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