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Meal plans and life plans

Where is this year going to, time is just flying by. I completely forgot to post our meal plans, we do have fish this week, but no meat.   Seems the less meat we eat, the less need I am feeling to have any. Last night we had an excellent pasta bake. A delicious mix of ricotta, spring veg and pasta. We used this recipe. It is a keeper, but we need to cook the pasta longer before baking as the dish spent an hour in the oven. We also felt it needed more bechamel. I added some new potatoes as we had a few leftover ones.

Tonight we are having a mushroom stroganoff (kinda) it is my take on it. Mushrooms, sour cream, onion, garlic, paprika and a dash of lemon juice. It tastes great. I have added tarragon as we had some leftover from the mushroom pithiviers I made last week.


The rest of the week looks like this:

Meal plans

Mon 3rd – Fajitas – southern coated Quorn strips as the protein with a smoky courgette and sweetcorn salad, peppers, onions, mixed salad, guacamole and sour cream.

Tues 4th – Broad bean, mint, goat cheese and pea frittata with a mixed salad.

Weds 5th – Channa dahl, tandoor paneer tika, tomato rice and a garlic naan.

Thurs 6th – Veggie sausages with pasta in tomato sauce.

Fri 7th – Cod en papillote  – cod baked with ginger, soy and chilli. Sides of soba noodles and garlicky soy bok choy.


On to the life plans… a digital detox. I spend way too much time online, just scrolling through feeds or reading email. I plan to not be online as much, but to make sure the time I am online is more meaningful. I have been seeing so many negative news stories and tweets recently I have started to despair, so more real people time, less online time.

I am still job hunting, it is going so slow, I am always in the almost category! getting told you were better than 96% of other candidates and still not getting an interview sucks. I am starting to think having my own business or doing something from home would be easier.

Hopefully next update will be more cheery!


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