Meal planning – The River Cottage week

River Cottage Veg Every Day is one of my latest charity shop finds. I picked it up for £2.  At the turn of every page I wanted to make the dish (not the beetroot though). I picked 4 dishes and the Mr picked 4, so this week is River Cottage week.

river cottage

I got all of these for a bargain price of £5.75. How to be a woman is for Mr CK, I will probably read it after he has.

River Cottage Week

Saturday 29th – Sweet potato & peanut gratin with a crisp green salad

Sunday 30th –  Mushroom ragout with soft polenta with mixed green veggies

Monday 31st –  Macaroni Peas – a less cheese and lots of peas version of the classic. We will have this with a salad and garlic bread.

Tuesday 1st – Vegeree – Veggie kedgeree!

Wednesday 2nd – Pasta with new potatoes, green beans and pesto.

Thursday 3rd – Courgette & spinach spouffle <not my word, it is what it is called in the book.

Friday 4th – Chachouka (spicy peppers & tomatoes with an egg baked in at the end)

There are so many other dishes I want to try, the curried bubble and squeak, the cauliflower pakoras and the sweetcorn fritters just to name a few off the top of my head.

It has been a hard few weeks, we sadly lost our dear sweet dog.  The house feels so empty without her. I am slowly coming to terms with it. Not ready for another dog yet. One will come when the time is right.

The garden is thriving – the courgettes and squash are tumbling out of the growbags, no fruit yet, but I am hopeful of a good crop. I have about 3 raspberries on the single cane I put in, I think raspberries will do well as there are loads of wild ones about here. Tomatoes have at last started to flower. I can see me needing to buy a mouli. Last time I grew tomatoes I passed them through a sieve. That was hard work! It did however make wonderful ketchup that Mr CK loved.

We are a little further on with tiling, not much though. Life keeps getting in the way. We have been getting out for walks most weekends, just so we are not just moping about round an empty house. Hopefully we will get it done soon and I can have my craft area and Mr CK can have his man cave. I have been busy on pinterest adding loads of ideas to decorate. We’ve decided the main basement room will be a tv room, I want lots of plants down there, rugs, bright Mexican art, Moorish influenced lanterns. An ecclectic boho style. The small room will be a study, the area that links to the bathroom a wine cellar/pantry. Then what we use as the tv room now will be a sitting room, no tv, just lots of books and local art. I’m going to use soft muted tones, heathers and colours that remind me of the moors. Now I just need a job so I can fund all of this. I’m thinking seriously about temping now. I have such a huge gap on my cv from being a housewife for several years. I just need to get some good recent experience back so people will give me a chance.


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