Prashad – Drighlington – Restaurant review

We finally got around to going to Prashad, Prashad is a Gujarati/South Indian vegetarian restaurant. Was it worth the wait? Yes, will we be back, yes! We arrived without a booking on a Saturday lunch time, we were a bit worried about this, but no need as it seems it is one of their quieter times.  Seated quickly in the tastefully decorated dining room we were given menus and left to decide what we wanted.

prashad dining room

There is a lot of choice on both the food and the drinks menu. We decided on mocktails , I had a Prashad Passion £4.95 – Fresh Passion fruit , pineapple & mango juice, shaken with lime and almond syrup served long over ice and Mr CK had the Pomegranate Mint Sling – £4.75 – Fresh mint shaken with lime, sugar, vanilla and pomegranate juice and topped with soda. These were delicious, perfect for a lunchtime treat. I did not miss my usual boozy cocktail at all.


We took what felt like an age to decide on food, but as it was just us I did not feel too bad for this. In the end we decided to go for the Tasting Platter – £13.25, I do not know where to start, I m not even certain I knew what everything was (the waiter did offer to explain, but we declined as we just wanted to get stuck right in). Every little thing on the plate was delicious. I loved the green chutney and the bhajis and the doughballs especially.

prashad starter

On to mains, again there is a great selection, even a chef’s selection where chef serves what they like. It sounded like a huge selection so we decided to go for one main each and share a naan and a rice. I went for Paneer Massala – £11.85 and Mr CK went for Chole – £11.75. The portions are very generous and the food is good, but after such fabulous starters we were a bit underwhelmed by the mains, the chole was the more flavourful dish. We were both a bit disappointed the paneer was not crispy as that is how we have it at home. I guess it is just down to personal taste when it comes how you like paneer. The rice and naan were perfect, we did not manage to finish the food, but they did kindly box it up for us to take home.chole chickpea

paneer curry


Pictured above – top chole and underneath the paneer.

I said at the start we would definitely want to go back, yes for a meal with a crowd so we could get more dishes and all share. If it was just the 2 of us I think we’d go in for a drink at the bar and dive into more of those wonderful starters.


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