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Meal plans – The restaurant edition

Needing inspiration for this weeks meal plans, we decided to pick some of our favourite places to eat out and then pick dishes from the restaurant menu. Choosing was hard as we have eaten at so many great places, but we finally got it down to just 7 restaurants, some I could have eaten the whole menu, but as we are sticking to a veggie diet I had to ignore the delicious sounding meaty options.

Meal plans – 7 restaurants edition

SaturdayWahaca  – A Mexican inspired night, tacos – one with roasted sweet potato and feta, the other with quorn strips and a lime mayo, both loaded with salad.

SundayHispi – We can not wait to go back, but in the mean time we decided to cook our version of their roasted cauliflower dish. Roasted cauliflower, white bean mash and a lemon and chilli dressing.

MondayMeat Liquor – Still top of the pile for a burger, they seem to be only place that do not over cook them. Veggie option for us this time – a halloumi mushroom burger with sweet potato fries.

TuesdayBundobust  – Delicious Indian street food, I will be tackling dosa for the first time, doing a potato and spinach filling. Will also make a paneer tikka.

WednesdayThe Anchor – A  jig back to the fens. Spotted a pea and leek risotto on the menu and just had to add it to our meal plans.

ThursdayMowgli  – Another Indian night – this time inspired by the Hindu Kitchen part of the menu – A temple dahl the picnic potato curry and Calcutta tangled greens. Plus chapatis.

FridayWagamama –  Yasai ramen and steamed buns with crispy aubergine. Going to buy some steamed buns in as my last attempt to make them was not exactly a success.

We are finding being veggie easier as time goes on and we find alternatives to our usual meat heavy feasting. The only thing we are still finding difficult is sandwich fillings, cheese or egg gets a bit boring.  Do not think we’d cope as vegans.  In house news we have finally broken the back of tiling in the basement. I am hoping it will be finished by Easter. Can not wait to have it as a usable space as it is a fabulous spot to sit and watch the world go by.


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