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Quick veggie meal plans

Quick and easy veggie meal plans for this week. Yes, veggie – we are sticking to it, I certainly feel better for eating very little meat. Although if this vegetable shortage is for real we may have to rethink.

Quick Veggie Meal Plans

Saturday – Pizza – I have no frozen sauce left so will need to make up a new batch, tomato sauce is brilliant for using up all those sad tired veggies left in the fridge. We will have this topped with peppers, red onion, olives, fake bacon, pineapple and mushrooms, plus mozzarella and basil.

veggie pizza

Sunday – Veggie moussaka. I am going to try this recipe. I’ll probably tweak it a bit as I am not fond of porcini mushrooms and I think it could do with a few more herbs and more garlic.

Monday – Creamy vegetable pasta bake, courgette, squash, leek, peas in a mustard & cheese sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and baked.

Tuesday – Fajitas – going to use quorn chicken burgers as the main filling and make some speedy black beans, guacamole and stir fried peppers to go with it.

Wednesday – ‘Meatballs’ and pasta. After the surprise of the quorn burgers being nice we are going to give quorn mince a go and make meatballs.

Thursday –  Pizza (again) only this time Indian style. Naan bread topped with tomato dal and paneer, with onion bhaji pieces and tandoori peppers. Side dish of spicy potato wedges and raita.

Friday – Eating out. Really looking forward to this as I have been wanting to go to Hispi for ages.

This week….

A busy week ahead for us both, Saturday we have a drum and dance event. It is a community thing to say goodbye to winter. There is also a vegan fair on in our neighbouring town. Will see if we can squeeze that in too. Sunday is market day,   Monday I will be catching up on housework. Tuesday is my volunteer day. Wednesday will be another frantic catch up on housework. Thursday I am hoping to rest so I am prepared for the hustle and bustle of Friday. I am hoping to fit in some running as my knees finally feel normal again, I say normal, they are hypermobile, so they are never going to be totally solid.


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