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New mostly vegetarian meal plans

I am on the ball this week, meal plans all sorted out fairly quickly. I wanted to try and get a few new dishes in this weeks plan and to rely less on processed fake meat. We decided quorn mince is pretty horrid, the texture is spongy and it brought nothing to the bolognaise I made. In the future we will stick with beans or pulses.

Meal Plans for w/e 24 February

Saturday – Homemade fish and chips with minted peas

Sunday – Mushroom and squash wellington with Cumin and fennel hasselback carrots, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, mixed vegetables and red wine gravy.

Monday – Paneer jalfrezi, Kaddu Ka Saag (squash and spinach), lemon rice and parathas.

Tuesday – Veggie loaded spaghetti carbonara with a mixed salad and garlic bread.

Wednesday – Risotto – not decided what kind, will see what veggies we have in.

Thursday – Aubergine and tofu stir fry with soba noodles and sesame broccoli.

Friday – Black bean burgers with sweet potato fries.

What else is happening?

First off I have not run in weeks, after I hurt my knee it got harder and harder. Then I started a little volunteer work. I do not think I am going to keep at it though as sadly it seems  a bit of a waste of my time.  My skills are not being utilised at all. Oh well, will keep plugging at the job hunt and see if I can find something more suitable to volunteer at.

In house news, Mr CK has some time off work, so we are finally going to finish tiling the basement. This means we can set up his office down there and get all of his assorted boxes of crap treasure out of my way. It will be so good to have space back and not be tripping over boxes. This of course will mean a trip to Ikea to get a storage system so he can unpack all those boxes.

It is also my birthday next week, so we are planning a meal out. I won some restaurant vouchers so I’ll be a cheap birthday date.  I shall make up for cheapness of food by ordering a few cocktails.


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