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Meal plans – simple veggie week

Can not believe how fast this year is flying by, February already. We are sticking to the veggie meal plans still.  We did have meat when we ate out at hispi, but other than that we are finding it very easy to eat vegetarian at home. The only thing I am struggling with is thinking of interesting sandwich fillings.

Meal Plan w/e 17/02

Sunday – Mutter paneer and chapatis.

Monday – Quorn sausage and lentil hotpot. I have been recommended these sausages by my veggie friend, she says she can not eat them as they taste too much like the real thing.

Tuesday – Veggie fajitas – sour cream, guac, salsa.

Wednesday – Veggie lasagne. I was going to use actual veggies, peppers, courgette, aubergine, but we could not find any – there really does seem to be a shortage. So instead it will be quorn mince cooked into a garlic heavy tomato sauce.

Thursday – Thai green curry – mixed green veg in a coconut sauce with rice.

Friday – Veggie burger in a brioche bun with sweet potato fries, onion rings and a tarragon mayo dip.

If anyone has suggestions for sandwich fillings please leave a comment, only so much cheese, falafel and egg I can face.


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