Resolutions 2017

Last year I did not make any resolutions, I just had a vague bunch of things I wanted to do. I did not really achieve any of my goals. All my won fault. Mostly being lazy, but also not having the confidence to do things. I did achieve a couple of small things. I went out on my own to a craft class, somewhere I did not know anyone. Although I did not chat much, I did join in. Quite an achievement when you are as shy as me. I also went to the dentist. Dentists terrify me. I am still scared, but not as scared as I was. If I can beat these two things I think I should be able to achieve any thing I put my mind to.


Resolutions 2017


Health Goals

  • Complete couch to 5K – I did my first run today, just 2 miles, but I enjoyed it, even if I did feel a bit silly when a group of ‘real’ runners came along.
  • Once I am up to speed I want to do a few park runs
  • Start yoga again – it calms me and makes me focus more clearly
  • Use the kettlebells we bought ages ago. Need to find tutorials for these.
  • Eat better – little or no meat, more veggies and fruits.
  • Get my 10000 steps a day


  • Find a job I love – don’t just take the first thing I am offered if it does not feel right.


  • Finish the basement and get it usable.
  • Make myself a cleaning rota and stick to it
  • Finish decorating
  • Get tradesmen in to do the things we can not
  • Tidy the garden and plant some new things.


  • Write more
  • Be braver – put my name forward for challenges and opportunities.
  • Join in with communities more.
  • Grow social media channels
  • Learn more about SEO and web design


  • Go to more craft classes
  • Visit more local places – galleries, museums etc.
  • Walk every week on a new local route.
  • Take more photographs and learn how to use manual settings.

There are other things, I’d like to have more patience, be kinder with words, see people who matter more and stop watching so much tv. I also want to knit more, learn crochet and bake more bread. I can probably think of 100 more things, but I am trying to keep the list short so I do not overwhelm myself with things to do.

Have you made resolutions? if so what are they and do we share any – it would be good to have a buddy to buoy each other along.


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