Mushroom, butternut squash and spinach risotto

Mushroom, butternut squash and spinach risotto was an accidental thing. Tea was supposed to be a mushroom stroganoff, sadly some of the mushrooms had turned so, there were not enough left to feed two. Mr asked, do we have risotto rice? Yup, we did. He peered in the fridge and spotted the squash, would that work he asked, yup it would. The spinach was a bit of an afterthought, added in when I found half a bag sitting in the salad drawer. This was a delicious dish. A good start to our month of being vegetarian.

Mushroom, butternut squash and spinach risotto

butternut, mushroom, spinach risotto


Recipe – feeds 2 -3 depending on appetite.


1 small red onion (fine dice)

3 cloves of garlic (crushed)

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 a butternut squash (peeled, deseeded and diced to about 1cm cube)

125g mushrooms (tops quartered, stalks halved)

30g butter

150g arborio rice

600 ml veggie stock

2 tsp fresh lemon juice

small handful of chopped flat  leaf parsley

salt and pepper

Grated Parmesan (or other hard cheese)



  1. Heat the oil over a medium heat, as soon as it is warm add the onion, fry for a few minutes and add the squash, cook for 5 minutes and add garlic and mushrooms, reduce heat, season with salt and pepper, cover and cook until squash is tender and mushrooms are cooked. I had too add a splash of water.
  2. Meanwhile heat the butter in another pan. Once it has melted add the rice, stir until it is coated, start to add your stock, I add one large ladle at a time. Stir, I do not bother to stand at the hobs stirring and my risotto tastes good to me.Repeat until the rice is cooked to your liking.
  3. Add the spinach to the other pan, stir well, the spinach should wilt straight away, if it does not whack the heat up.
  4. Taste the rice, add the lemon, taste again, season. Add the parsley. Put the veggies into the risotto. Stir until everything is mixed through.
  5. Serve with a sprinkle of cheese on top.

vegetarian risotto


Tips– Normally I would use wine at the start of a risotto, before the stock, but we have none (thanks health kick ) so I put the lemon in to add acidity.


What to do with the leftovers

The leftover butternut squash, mushroom and spinach risotto can be turned into either arancini or risotto cakes. My small tub of leftovers will become lunch tomorrow. I just need to add an egg, some sweetcorn and breadcrumbs. I’ll serve it with a spicy salsa and a green salad.



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  • Mark Brophy

    I’ve looked at a few recipes but yours is perfect even down to what I can do with the leftovers! Brilliant

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