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Chinese New Year – meal plans

It is Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster, no rooster for us though as we are still trying to be mostly veggie. We have done pretty well over all, a minor blip when what we were having was a disaster. We freezer dived and ended up with burgers and another night I was too tired to face cooking, we had fish and chips.

I am finding it fairly easy, I am not missing meat and some of the meat substitutes are fairly decent. They are certainly better than the ones I tried years ago. When planning this weeks meals I tried to do more ‘real’ foods and less processed meat substitute meals.

We are both going to keep at it and try for the most part to be mostly veggie, with the odd fish day while we are at home. Eating out – we shall see, I do love a steak, but want to try and do my bit for the planet too. So by eating very little meat, choosing our products carefully and recycling and reusing I hope we can make a small impact.

Meal  plans

Saturday –  Crispy fried garlic tofu,  soba noodles with peanut and soy dressing and stir fried veggies ( a mix of beansprout, pepper, pak choi, carrot, cabbage, red onion and mushroom)

Sunday – Toad in the hole – made with veggie sausages. With mashed potatoes, red wine gravy, cabbage, carrots and peas.

Monday –  3 bean chilli with rice

Tuesday – Sweetcorn and courgette fritters with chilli griddled halloumi and a green salad, topped with a poached egg.

Wednesday – Quorn southern fried chicken burgers with sweet potato fries and salad.

Thursday – Aloo kofta in a spicy tomato sauce with mushroom rice, kachumber, raita and chapatis.

Friday – Herby baked cod with brown lentils and lemony dressed green veg.


I’ve had a week off running as my knees were very painful, to the point bending my leg to take off my boots hurt me. Both knees feel better now and I have bought a support for the one that feels weaker. So back to running from Monday, but starting at level one again.  I’ll be walking a lot more too as I have started to volunteer at a local project. A pay as you feel cafe that uses waste food to make the meals. It feels good to get out of the house and be doing something useful.

Plans for February

We have a few nice things to look forward to in February, a meal in the local veggie cafe. Dinner with a Cambridge friend who will be in Manchester (we’ll be going to Hispi) and it is my birthday, so time off booked and we are going to get stuff done.


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