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October – weekly meal plan

How is it October already? The weekly meal plan this week was put together a bit on the hoof. I am currently on antibiotics, awaiting a course of dental treatment. So everything needs to be simple as the antibiotics are making me rather vague and forgetful.

Quick and simple weekly meal plan

Monday – Chicken and mushroom pie – this is made using leftover roast chicken, will try and remember to blog this as it is so easy and delicious. Most likely to be with chips as I am rather tired.

Tuesday – Muttar paneer, makhani dal and rice.

Wednesday – veggie burgers with sweet potato wedges

Thursday – Sausages with pasta – almost one pot… very simple and filling sausages with pasta in a tomato sauce.

Friday –  Fish and chips with baked beans.

I’m sure all the wellness queens would turn the colour of one of their smoothies if they saw this weeks plan. You know what, I do not give a stuff. When I am ill and in pain, getting my belly full is number one priority. 5 fruit and veg a day comes a long way down the list.

Moving forward….

Next week will probably have a fair bit of soupy/wet food as I am starting the root canal treatment. Not looking forward to it one bit as I am rather dental phobic. I have a strong fear of choking, so I hate the feeling of the dentist fiddling in my mouth. I am also scared of the pain. I am a wuss. People have assured me it is uncomfortable rather than painful, so I am not getting too panicked yet.


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