Wahaca Soft Taco Kits – Review

When I heard that Wahaca were going to be selling soft taco kits in the supermarket I was very happy. We love the food in the restaurants and although we make pretty decent Mexican dishes at home, some of the ingredients, especially chillies have not proved easy to find. Plus our nearest branch means 45 minutes on the train. Which for us is something that takes a little planning.

The kits come in 3 varieties. The mild option, the tomatillo & garlic mojo kit comes with a garlic and chipotle marinade and a tomatillo salsa.
Then for those who like a little heat tomato & smoky chipotle kit, containing a smoked tomato and chipotle marinade, and chipotle salsa.

The final one is the  fiery habanero & achiote. This one contains habanero chilli, which is similar in flavour to the scotch bonnet chilli. This kit  has an achiote marinade and a hot habanero chilli salsa. This one is for those that like it hot enough to make your face tingle.

Wahacca soft taco kit – Tomato & smoky chipotle


This was the first of the kits we tried. The marinade gave a really nice smoky and spicy flavour to the chicken and the salsa did have a teeny kick, spicy, but it did not blow our heads off. We added roasted onions and peppers, guacamole, sour cream, and salad. Perfect for a midweek supper.




Wahacca soft taco kit – fiery habanero & achiote


Next up we tried the hot one. I am a self professed chilli addict. I love it really spicy. This lived up to the label. This was surprising as I rarely say something is hot when we buy a ready prepared dish or sauce. So I will warn you, unless you like heat, try one of the other 2! I really loved the salsa in this kit, it had heat, but also a slight tang. The Mr coped with the heat by using the salsa sparingly.

The marinade on the meat had a great flavour, chilli heat, cumin and garlic being the dominant flavours. We used steak this time round and it was a good match for this marinade. We both really loved this, I’ll probably make a cucumber/lime salad to go with it if we were feeding a crowd, just so those who found it a bit hot had something to tame the burn.


I liked the salsa on this one so much I ate the leftovers later with some tortilla chips.

Wahaca soft taco kit – Tomatillo & garlic



This was the last of the three kits we tried.  The marinade on this one has a great garlicky punch, with a low level of chilli heat. The salsa was a bit of a let down for us as we found it quite bland and we could not detect any jalapeno at all.  This one is for those who do not like it hot. I’d buy the marinade again, but for us we will be leaving the salsa on the shelf.


To round up…

These kits are brilliant. Something for each level of heat.  The tacos are tasty, if a little small for my liking. 10 wraps fed the two of us and we did not feel as if we had eaten too much. The salsa is plentiful, if you added extra tacos you could easily feed 4. The marinades are also enough to marinate more meat than we did.

I would say marinate a day ahead if you have time so the flavours really work their way in. Serve with some sides – we usually do roasted peppers and onions, salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, sour cream and guacamole. The kits are currently available in Tesco and selected Wahaca restaurants.


I bought and paid for these products myself.


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  • Holly

    Mmm, they all sound delicious but of course there’s always too much in one pack for me. Might try one when I have visitors though 🙂

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