Favourite food

Food makes me happy, I love reading about it, cooking and eating. I love feeding people and seeing smiling faces when they enjoy one of my creations. I’ll never be on a diet or eat simply for fuel. I am both a feeder and an eater. I actually feel sorry for people who do not enjoy eating.


Comfort and joy

The list following is my list of favourite foods and meals, things I turn to when I am sad, tired, cold or time poor.  I wonder how other peoples lists look, how many of us have similar foods that we eat when we feel our batteries need a recharge or we’ve just had a really crappy day.

The list

Fries – I love crispy hot French fries, the ones I like are Aldi own brand, they beat every other shop bought fries by miles, miles. This is a must have in our freezer. If these are not available I make sweet potato fries. Par boiled, dusted in coarse semolina then fried. I like to dip my fries in sour cream or mayo or for a treat I’ll have a chip butty. It has to be on white bread which has been spread thick with butter.

Spaghetti hoops on toast –  This is a childhood comfort thing, my mum was not a great cook, so we often ended up with things on toast for tea. There is always a place in my heart for toasted white bread, with butter topped with ‘scetti’ hoops. The crusts must always be eaten first, then the buttery middles that have soaked up all the tomatoey juice.  If you were very lucky hoops were replaced with alphabeti spaghetti. That of course was a huge treat as it was not cheap.

Sunday roast –  I love a roast. Be it beef, chicken, pork or lamb.  Yorkshire puddings are a must have, I love sopping up the gravy with a roughly torn piece of pudding. The gravy has to be real, made from stock and the meat juices, with maybe a splash of wine to deglaze the pan. Crispy roast potatoes are a must have, then loads of vegetables, whatever is in season.

Sausages in onion gravy with mashed potatoes - This could be subbed for toad in the hole with onion gray and mash. I love real mash, proper creamy, buttery well seasoned mash, I probably would give up the sausages just for a plate of mash and gravy. I will admit, I lick the plate clean, by running my finger over the last remaining smears of gravy.

Dal - Dal is one of those foods I never tire of, it is homely, warming, cheap, nutritious, earthy and delicious.  My favourite kind is makhani dal.

Pasta –  I realise this is a bit vague, but I could not choose just one dish. I am a huge pasta fan. From a bowl of tagliatelle served with butter and black pepper to a hearty meaty lasagne.  Macaroni cheese, spaghetti carbonara, pasta bakes, meatballs in tomato sauce with fusilli.  Pasta is one of those foods that lifts my mood. It is such a simple thing to prepare. I can go from being hungry and miserable to happy and full in under half an hour.

In the midnight hour

Not literally a midnight feast, but snacks I love when it is hours until another meal, or things to nibble whilst watching a film.

Crisps - chipsticks, quavers, tomato snaps, salt and vinegar, pickled onion monster munch, marmite.. I am a bit of a crisp addict. If I am in the mood I will mix peanuts in with crisps. A favourite quick lunch is cheddar cheese, raw red onion and salt and vinegar crisp sandwich.

Quesadillas –  Another snack/lunch, something that keeps me going until dinner. I love red chillies and cheese. I always make these using corn wraps.

Cheese and crackers –  Cheddar and pickled onions, manchego with olives, salty feta with cucumber, I am even a lover of cheese and pineapple.

Sweets for my sweet

I do not have a sweet tooth, but every so often I fancy something sweet.

Jelly beans – they have to be proper jelly belly ones, no other beans come close.

White chocolate & cranberry cookies – Aldi own brand, these are good, if they are in the house I eat one when I have a cuppa. Which can be several times a day.

Starbar –  I have to eat them straight from the fridge, the texture is wrong to me when they are warm.



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