Couch 2 5K – starting out on my road to fitness

Since we have been living in Yorkshire (over a year now) My fitness has improved slightly as we’e been out walking more. It is not enough though. The extra weight still sits on me feeling like I am stuck in an inner tube, feeling as if I can not quite bend as far as I would like without that squidgy feeling. So I have at long last decided to do something about it. I’m going to do couch 2 5K.

Yes, me run! I’ll be doing couch to 5k. It eases you gently into being able to run 5k.  Alongside this I will be doing the 30 day shred, as I really need to start upping my strength. I am not getting any younger and as I approach the big 50 I do worry about bones not being as strong and losing muscle.

I have weighed in and measured in.  I am only a couple of lbs overweight according to height/weight/age charts. I would like to lose a stone at first and then see how I feel. 14 lbs, I am aiming for a lb off a week. Slow and steady < same as my running pace is likely to be.

I’d like to think this will give me more energy, make me feel less hemmed in and give me more confidence. I will be posting updates. I’ll try and get a photo every so often so I can plot how I feel and look as I lose weight and inches.  That is about it for now. I need to go and prepare my gym*

*sweep the basement – concrete floor  so perfect to exercise on so as not to annoy the neighbours.


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