Meal planning Monday – A short week

I’ve had a bit of temporary work, so blogging, housework, the garden and just about everything else has been neglected, the work now done I find myself free for now…. So I am starting to learn a bit beyond the basics of html and css. I’m also determined to blog more, I have several new cookbooks full of beautiful looking dishes and I want to cook and blog as much as possible.

The meal plan for this week

Monday – Lemon and herb chicken with new potatoes and a endame, pea and green bean salad.

Tuesday – Butternut squash seekh kebabs with chappatis and raita

Wednesday – cauliflower cheese ‘burgers’ with sweet potato fries

Thursday – Sausage and mash with onion gravy

Friday – Lasagne

A couple of new things in there and a few old favourites. No idea how some of them will work, the mixed veg salad is based on one we have bought and the squash kebabs are a complete unknown, but I thought you can not go far wrong with squash and chickpeas. Next week I am hoping for a few more interesting meals, some more elaborate dishes and hopefully a sweet treat or two.


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