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When an invite arrived in my inbox to go and try the new menu at Wagamama I jumped at the chance as I always enjoy the food. I decided on the Printworks branch as it is really well placed, just a 2 minute walk from Manchester Victoria station.

Wagamama Printworks – it’s a subterranean beauty! it was the first Wagamama opened outside of London. no.8 in the company and refurbed April 2016, I really loved the fact we were underground, no distractions from street noise or people bustling past the windows, so it felt as if we were on a romantic date in an intimate setting.

Wagamama has a new menu, and it doesn’t disappoint. Taking centre stage is the latest twist on the classic Wagamama ramen. For the first time, ramen-enthusiasts can customise the iconic broth by choosing one of three new stocks; rich, light and spicy. This is what Mr CC went for, he chose the rich broth of noodles in a chicken soup topped with grilled chicken breast and seasonal greens. It is garnished with menma and spring onions.
ramenThis was delicious, he really enjoyed the broth, which was not heavy at all. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the dish had a good balance of flavour. The seasonal greens were a good addition giving some crunch and freshness.

Being a chilli lover, I had to choose something spicy, so I went for the Steak bulgogi – a marinated sirloin steak and miso-fried baby aubergine served on a bed of soba noodles, dressed in a sesame and bulgogi sauce. finished with spring onions, kimchee and half a tea-stained egg.

wagamama steak bulgogi

Picture from Wagamama – as sadly my own picture was terrible, time for a new phone maybe.

Steak bulgogi, which apparently translates to ‘fire meat’. Fiery it was, this dish packed a punch and I really loved it, the steak was medium rare, it had a good char on the outside and was delicious, the noodles were full of flavour, salty, spicy and slightly nutty. My cheeks were glowing by the end of the meal.

We decided to go for some of the freshly pressed/squeezed juices, we could see them being made from where we were sitting, so know they were indeed made from raw ingredients.  Mr CC had a Power (spinach, apple and ginger), which was sweet and it had a good zing from the ginger. I had a Repair (apple, kale and pear) this was less sweet and I could taste the kale, it felt as if it was good for me and I enjoyed it. I do admit to being a little hesitant about veggies in juice, but found myself surprised that I liked it and I’ll definitely be more adventurous with my juice choices from now on.

Service was quick and friendly, our meals did arrive a few minutes apart, which was a little odd, but I would rather wait for a well cooked dish than get one that is not quite right. The food as usual was really good and we both loved the new juices.

We were guests of Wagamama, but if we had paid for this then it would have cost £32.25. Not a cheap option for lunch, but you get a lot for your money, I did not need an evening meal, so if you are going, go hungry.


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