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I was offered the chance to try a product of my choosing from the fantastic (and huge-over 12000 lines) range of products offered by Real Foods. You can find them here. Real Foods are an Edinburgh based supplier of vegetarian, vegan, special diet, Fairtrade, organic and eco-friendly produce and products. They have stores in Edinburgh that you can visit, but also offer internet/mail order.


I chose the organic black beluga lentils as I have not been able to source these little beauties since arriving in Yorkshire. They arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. Included in the package was a leaflet all about pulses. This was very informative, it gives some general information on the benefits of pulses and ways you can use them.  It had cooking instructions for a number of the products and whether or not they need to be soaked. I love that it has both pressure cooker and regular boiling times.


Seeing as we are having a lovely English summer, I wanted to warm myself up and forget the gloom outside so I made a dal. I’d imagine these would also work well in lentil bolognaise or as a filling for a cottage pie, they are very flavourful and versatile.

The lentils were great quality. I did not find any stones & they were not dusty, which is a problem I have had in the past. No soaking was required for these lentils, so after a quick rinse it was into a pot to cook.

What i thought

The cooking instructions were accurate, the lentils were perfect when I drained them. I found the cooked product delicious, they have a wonderful texture and a good earthy flavour. I will be trying them again soon, but in a French lentil salad. I’ll blog the recipe when I make it, we just need some sunshine to arrive so I want to eat salads.

I was sent these lentils for review purposes and to provide feedback on the product.


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