meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday – Quick and easy week

To say I am tired is an understatement, I have no energy, sleep has been terrible for a few days and I’ve had a lot of ‘stuff’ to get done. So this weeks meal plans are all about minimal effort for maximum taste.

On a positive note we finally have a man coming round to survey the house so we can go on mains plumbing, I hope it can be done and not for an outrageous amount of money.

Not sure what order we will have these in, but this weeks plan includes:

Chilli and rice – I have chilli in the freezer, I always bulk cook chilli and freeze it in double portions. Perfect for a speedy supper for 2.

Sausages – fabulous Welsh dragon ones from our local farm shop. Depending on the weather it will either be with mash and onion gravy or with pasta & a tomato based sauce.

Fajitas – I love fajitas, we have them all sorts of ways, chicken, beef, veggie, sometimes we cheat and use frozen hot & spicy breaded chicken strips (Iceland – yes really, some of there stuff is very good)

Here is one we made earlier


Cheese and onion quiche – with baked potato and salad, I cook individual small quiches as a large one is way too much, my mini tart tins were an excellent buy.


Tandoori chicken – with Bombay potatoes and home made flatbreads, plus salad and raita.

Veggie burgers – with sweet potato fries and salad, not sure what these will be made of yet, probably black beans, maybe corn, definitely some chilli.

That is as far as I got, I find it hard to think ahead when I am running on empty. Need to get myself rested as I am actually going out this weekend. Meeting an old friend and hopefully making a new one.


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