Meat Liquor – Leeds

Where do you want to go for a birthday lunch I asked the Mr, Meat liquor was his first choice, I was pleased as I had been wanting to go for ages, so on a rather miserable, rainy grey day we set off to Leeds on the train with just one thing in mind, burgers and cocktails.


I think we were first in the door, it was very quiet, I imagine the atmosphere is totally different when it is rammed. It being quiet meant we got the pick of the seats, so we chose a cosy corner booth. The music was really not my kind of thing, a bit country & western style. I can live with that though because the food at Meat Liquor turned out to be really very good.

We started with cocktails, a Yorkshire tea for me £8.50 – “tea infused bombay sapphire gin, pink grapefruit juice, fresh lemon juice, topped with soda water”, this was delicious, I could not detect tea, but it was really refreshing. He had a Silver Angel £7.50 – “finlandia vodka shaken with peach & passion fruit, served straight up, topped with fizz”, he liked it but was sad it was not bigger/longer, but it was nice enough.

meat liquor yorkshire tea

Food arrived really quickly, in hindsight we should have gone for the £10 lunch deal (any burger, fries & unlimited pop) but we wanted the Meat liquor special hippie fries, so ordered off the regular menu. I had the Meat Liquor Buffalo chicken burger £8.75 – “dirty chicken burger covered in our house-made hot pepper sauce, lettuce,
red onions, blue cheese sauce” This was good, really good, crispy coating, good chilli kick, moist chicken and a decent bun.

meat liquor buffalo chicken burger

He had a Meat Liquor bacon cheeseburger £8.75 – “beef patty, cheese, bacon, red onions,
pickles, lettuce, French’s mustard, ketchup”, it was amazing, best burger we have had in the past year, slightly pink in the middle, really beefy flavour, just delicious, we are going back just so I can have a whole one to myself. I only got to have one small bite. We shared the hippie fries £5.50, “fries, grilled onions, hippie sauce” both loved these. There was no description of the sauce, it tasted like mayo and salad cream mixed with mustard to me… but it is really tasty, very moreish and the onions were perfect, caramelised, but still soft.

dead hippie fries

With another drink each our bill including 10% service (optional) came to £56.10, not a cheap lunch, but reasonable for what we had, if we’d gone for the meal deal & stuck to soft drinks, it would have only been £20 for the 2 of us. We will definitely be going back, I need to keep tasting those burgers so I can crack making ones that good at home.

To sum up, if you fancy a rally good lunch for £10 and are in Leeds, go to Meat Liquor, it is tucked away behind Victoria’s secret in the Trinity.


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