meal planning monday

Meal planning Monday

I’ve been away from posting about meal planning for ages, but now I am back, refreshed and feeling ready to join in. I actually meal plan on a Friday, so here are my weekly plans.


Saturday 12th – Chicken Pakoras with aloo saag, naan and salad.

The pakoras are delicious little bites of spicy chicken, the coating uses gram (chickpea) flour so ideal for those who avoid gluten.

Sunday 13th – stuffed roast pork tenderloin with Yorkshire pudding, roasted butternut squash, a white wine jus and veggies.

The pork is stuffed with some minced pork, apple and a little chopped spring onion.

Monday 14th – It is Pi Day, so we are having minced beef and onion pie with mashed potatoes and veggies.

I’ll never be able to bake a pie as good as my dear nana could, but I am getting close.

minced beef and onion pie

Tuesday 15th – Sausages onion gravy, colcannon and veggies.

Made using my current favourite sausages, the Welsh Dragon ones from our local farm shop. I love that they source the meat locally & know all of their producers by name.

Wednesday 16th – Chilli con carne and rice.

A fantastic dish for those of us watching pennies. I bulk this out with peppers and loads of beans.

Thursday 17th – funky Fish Co fish and chips

Not tried this before, but we like to have a ‘cheat’ tea every now and then and this is this weeks.

Friday 18th – Home made pizza with sweet potato wedges and a green salad.

Top tip for this, make pizza sauce in bulk, use a silicon muffin tray to freeze, one ‘blob’ is enough for one pizza. Once they are solid you can pop them out and store in a plastic bag.

Breakfasts this week will be a mix of slow cooker porridge topped with berries or granola, avocado and bacon on toast and waffles with berries and yoghurt. Not all on the same day *grin*

Lunches will be mainly sandwiches or pasta salad with a flapjack, a yoghurt and some fruit.

Can not wait to dive in to all the other Meal planning Monday posts to see what everyone else is eating this week.


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