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Meal Plans – March

As it is a bank holiday weekend, I am a little early with my meal plans. I’ve decided to indulge myself this weekend and cook up some of our favourite things. So here are the meal plans for this week.

Friday 25 – Fish and chips from our local chippy.

We are not religious, but it is traditional to have fish on Good Friday and the chippy really is rather good, haddock, big fat chips cooked in beef dripping and scraps (bits as they are called in these parts). We do not need much of an excuse to have a chipper tea.

Saturday 26 – Chicken pakoras, Makhani dal, aloo paratha, pickles, raita, kachumber and poppadoms.

A bit of a picnic dinner, in that no knives or forks are needed, the dal and pakoras will be scooped up with paratha, maybe with a smear of chilli pickle or a dollop of raita, this is proper joyful food to me, when I see it laid out on the table I just want to dive in with both hands and eat until I am fit to pop.

Sunday 27 – Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, Savoy cabbage, carrots, peas and green beans & red wine gravy.

The beef will be rare, the potatoes crispy, the Yorkshire puddings puffed up proudly, the gravy made with all the pan scrapings and resting juices and the veggies al dente. That to me is the perfect Sunday roast.

Monday 28 – Barbecue pork ribs and burgers in milk buns with sweet potato fries.

A first for me, I will be mincing my own meat for these, I make burgers on a regular basis, but usually buy pre-minced beef from the farm shop. If all goes to plan we will have succulent tasty burgers.

Tuesday 29 – Penne Giardiniera

This is a really simple dish of pasta with courgette and chilli, topped with spinach balls. After a meat heavy weekend we need a little bit of lightness.

Wednesday 30 – Quiche with baked potato and salad.

Not sure what kind yet, probably cheese and onion. Another meat free night.

Thursday 31 – Mushroom stroganoff with rice

I’ve not made this in ages, I do not know why I do not make it more often as it is simple, full of flavour and meat free.

Friday 1 – Steak burritos

Mexican food is one of my favourite cuisines,I realise many will argue these are Tex Mex, but what matters is the flavour and these are gorgeous. Home made tortillas filled with spicy steak, rice, cheese, lettuce, guac, sour cream, salsa and refried beans.



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