Review: SoLita – Manchester NQ

As a birthday treat for me we plumped on SoLita, having heard loads of great things and having it recommend by food loving friends.

We had already decided on food, having looked at the menus online. We started with the SoLita sharer. Which comprised cheeseburger spring rolls, Short rib Croquettes, Mac N Cheese Balls and Buffalo Chicken Wings.


The Mac N Cheese Balls were good, one was a bit soggy and undercooked, but overall they were a hit. Short rib Croquettes were ok, a bit dry, the gravy dip really helped with this. Buffalo wings were slightly vinegar heavy, my guess is the marinade was a straight dousing of Frank’s red hot or similar. The fail of the plate were the cheeseburger spring rolls, they were dry (Mr interrupting here to say he thought they were cheese greasy instead of dry), no real flavour apart from minced beef, they needed seasoning and an extra hit, maybe dill pickles into the mince to give some moistness and flavour.

On to mains – I had Dry aged – £14.90 Minced dry aged, extra large (10oz) steak patty, cave aged cheddar, Bearnaise sauce, watercress, crispy fried onions.


It was so over cooked – which apparently is a local environmental health dept. issue. This was black and crusty on the outside, a real crunch, like those burgers your dad would cook on the bbq when you were a kid. The onions were advertised as crispy, but they were soggy, I could barely detect the bearnaise sauce, it seemed to be a teeny drizzle. As for cave aged cheddar, could have been any supermarket mature for all I know. My other gripe was the bun, it was horrid, a cheap white sesame seed thing, I discarded most of the bun as it was so dry. Fries were ok, but over salted for me

On to the Mr…he had the humungous Once in a Lifetime. £17.90. 2 x 6 ounce minced steak patties, pulled pork, crispy bacon, shoestring onions, buttermilk chicken strips, Monterey Jack cheese, house BBQ sauce


I’ll go over to him at this point … As above the patties were hard and crispy on the outside, and dry and dense on the inside. Shame, as the flavour was good. Both the shoestring onions and the chicken should have been crispy but were soggy. The pulled pork was soaked in the sharp BBQ sauce. At the bottom of the stack was a lonely lettuce leaf which was wilted by the time I reached it.

Over all it was not bad, we did complain about a couple of the faults with the food, the server seemed almost expecting it. We got a 10% discount, we did not ask for or expect it, we just assumed our standards are high and theirs lower. This could be a fabulous place, the music was great, atmosphere good, Food needs work. If you read this SoLita I would be happy to consult on recipes so you can get that food where it needs to be.


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