Wahaca, Manchester – review

Last weekend we decided to pop into Manchester to try out the fairly newly opened Wahaca, we’d been to one in London and really enjoyed the food, so were pleased when an outlet opened up within easy travelling distance.

The venue itself is lovely, light and airy, I wish I had taken a picture of the stunning staircase, a gorgeous wooden spiral, which apparently cost 25K! I also loved the sinks, which were more like urns, the water arriving through exposed copper pipes.


We started with some tortilla chips and guac. The chips were good, crispy and fresh, the guac was ok, it was a bit bland for my taste, I’d like more lime.

The food arrives as it is ready, so soon our table was full of little plates of food. We had:


Tacos with cactus & corn. This was my least favourite thing, I guess cactus is not for me. It reminded me of an over ripe marrow, Mr CK liked it though, so none was wasted.


Steak tacos, these were good on beefy taste and chipotle, I’d love it if they’d have been spicier and if the steak was more tender, it was very chewy, I know skirt is prone to this, I’d happily pay more to get sirloin in this dish.

ques Image

Chilli quesadilla, this was tasty enough, but no where near spicy enough. I was expecting full on bash you in the face heat as our lovely waitress had warned us that it was really spicy. Even Mr CK said it was not that hot and his tolerance is way lower than mine.


Pea and mint empanadas. This was my favourite dish, it was so fresh, full of flavour and I loved the combo of salty feta, sweet peas, mint and new potatoes.


Black bean tostadas – another big hit with us both, these were again packed full of flavour.

I was too full for pudding, but Mr CK managed the buneulo with Tommi’s tomatillo jam.


We had a couple of cocktails each and a sprite, the total for the meal including a tip for our delightful waitress Leah was £65. Not the cheapest lunch in the world, but if you pick the dishes carefully it is a very delicious meal.



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