Review: Mexican Food Made Simple – Thomasina Miers

Thomasina Miers Mexican food made simple cover


This is a book I use a lot, many of the recipes I have made so often I no longer need to look, to me that is the sign of a great cookbook.

If you do not know Mexican food well, this is a great introduction, the book starts with a basic guide to the way Mexicans eat and the commonly used ingredients. After this there are 11 chapters, each devoted to a different cooking style/method.

I really love the salsa, sauces and relishes section. the roast chilli salsa is a very regular item on our table. I also love the pink pickled onions and the sweetcorn and black bean salsa.

chicken fajita


Above is one of our favourite ways of doing fajitas, it is served with a corn and courgette salad, based on the excellent warm corn salad.

barbacoa beef Mexico

Another day another fajita, this one with the guac from the book and a beef Barbacoa, link is to the recipe on the Wahaca website.

Other excellent recipes include the beef burritos, the black bean toastadas and the churros.

mexican paneer wrap

Just for a change we sometimes marinate paneer or tofu and have it with roasted veggies in a corn wrap.

I feel a bit sad this is a page of fajitas (they are very delicious though) I have made so many things from this book, unfortunately my presentation skills are lacking, so things just do not look nice. Everything we have tried has been delicious, my only minor wibble is I find it hard to get ingredients, you can order most things online, but I would dearly love to find a local independent shop that sold masa harina and the more unusual chillies. Edited to say I have found a stockist of these things.. the supermarket chain Booths sells dried chillies and masa harina.


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