Review: The Kitchen Diaries – Nigel Slater

’ll start this off by saying I am an unashamed Nigel Slater fan girl and have been for many years, I love watching him on TV or listening to him speak about food. He has a very natural manner when he is cooking and he seems to just ‘get’ where others are coming from when they share their food with him.

nigel slater kitchen diaries

nigel slater kitchen dairies cover

This book in unlike other cookbooks, there is a lot more to it than a collection of recipes, Nigel talks about the changing seasons, his local area, the markets and shops, what he is doing around the house or the garden, it is a small glimpse into his life and it is utterly delightful.

We have cooked lots of things from this book, we’ve had hits and misses. the lime tart is sensational, I have made it so many times and guests always love it. Grilled chicken with harissa and mint is also brilliant. The only let downs for me were a couple of the curries, It is probably down to my personal taste, but they just did not wow me, I am more of a bold flavour person when it comes to curries and the ones I tried were a little too plain.

This is one of those books that I never seem to tire of, I am always going back and dipping in or revisiting old favourites. If I was only allowed to have 10 cookbooks this would be one of them. It is more than just a book to me, it is like an old friend.


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