Review: Rick Stein’s Spain

rick stein's Spain
I loved the Rick Stein tv series that accompanied this book, I remember at the time people on social media poo pooing the tv show, saying it was not really authentic and that he had not visited the right places, well, do you know what I do not care. I loved it and I love the recipes in this book and that is what matters most.

carne gobernada

The book is split into the various regions of Spain. Each section starts with a short description of the area and their most common produce, along with a few random facts about the area.

Our absolute favourite dish from the book is this beef in white wine stew or carne gobernada, it is a very simple dish, beef, onions, garlic, bay leaves, carrots, white wine and salt & pepper. We do not serve it with fried potatoes as suggested, instead we top it with sliced potato (hotpot style) and cook it in the oven, the result is a gorgeous rich meaty stew with a hefty hit of sweet onion and mild garlic.


Other notable dishes are chicken with garlic, braised petit pois with olive oil, spring onions and garlic, Moorish kebabs and pork in almond sauce.

I’ve had one fail, the rice with monkfish, saffron and red peppers. Mr liked it, but I did not like the texture of the rice and found it a little lacking in flavour.

I’d recommend this book for the stew recipe alone. It covers all bases, plenty of variety, fish, shellfish, veggies and meat. There is even a recipe for brains, which I have not been brave enough to try.

hurra! Senor Stein.



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