I am on the ball this week, meal plans all sorted out fairly quickly. I wanted to try and get a few new dishes in this weeks plan and to rely less on processed fake meat. We decided quorn mince is pretty horrid, the texture is spongy and it brought […]

New mostly vegetarian meal plans

Can not believe how fast this year is flying by, February already. We are sticking to the veggie meal plans still.  We did have meat when we ate out at hispi, but other than that we are finding it very easy to eat vegetarian at home. The only thing I […]

Meal plans – simple veggie week

purple carrot hispi
Hispi We jumped at the chance to dine at Hispi, when we heard a friend from Cambridge was going to be in Manchester for a few days and was looking for locals to dine with. We’d been meaning to go for ages, but had never quite got around to it. […]

Hispi – Didsbury – review

hash serving
Sweet potato and black bean hash I came up with the idea for sweet potato and black bean hash thanks to the current UK vegetable shortage.  Normally I make a sweetcorn and courgette salad to go with fajitas, but thanks to a lack of courgettes I needed something different. So the […]

Sweet potato and black bean hash – vegetarian recipe

veggie pizza
Quick and easy veggie meal plans for this week. Yes, veggie – we are sticking to it, I certainly feel better for eating very little meat. Although if this vegetable shortage is for real we may have to rethink. Quick Veggie Meal Plans Saturday – Pizza – I have no […]

Quick veggie meal plans

It is Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster, no rooster for us though as we are still trying to be mostly veggie. We have done pretty well over all, a minor blip when what we were having was a disaster. We freezer dived and ended up with burgers […]

Chinese New Year – meal plans

Week one of our veggie meal plan went well. We only deviated once when I discovered we had rancid mushrooms, so the stroganoff became a veggie risotto. Trying a few new dishes again this week, so expanding our repertoire and hopefully shrinking our waistlines.   Week 2 – Veggie meal […]

Veggie meal plans – week 2

On a cold day not many things beat sausage and mash with onion gravy. This version just happens to be vegetarian. We tried 2 kinds of vegetarian sausage. A Cauldron Foods Lincolnshire and a Linda McCartney sausage.  They were both pretty good, much better than I remember veggie sausages being years […]

Vegetarian sausage and mash with onion gravy – recipe

We are being vegetarian for January, we love chilli, so tonight was a meat free 3 bean chilli, what beans you use in your 3 bean chilli is up to you. What follows is more a guideline, something you can tweak to your own taste to create your own perfect […]

3 bean chilli – recipe

cheese mac
Macaroni cheese, Mac n Cheese, Mac and cheese, call it what you want, macaroni in a cheesy sauce is one of those things that takes me back to being a kid. It was one of the first things I learned how to cook and I’ve really not messed with the original […]

Macaroni Cheese – recipe